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Ric Rocked

Ric Rocked

Ric  rocked.

Ric Ocasek songwriter, rhythm guitarist and mostly singer for The Cars has gone to that great dressing room in the sky. Be interesting to see what guys in heaven he jams with as he was a quirky guy channelling that quirk with pop smarts and bar band rock and roll.

Gosh, The Cars were good, merging your Eurovox, New Order, Kraftwerk synth sound with 4/4 rock, sharp, sometimes abstract lyrics with a slight cool detachment from the whole thing.


The Cars first album, immaculately produced by Roy Thomas Baker did not have a weak second on it and they didn’t look back either, hammering out some gems right through the 80s and peaking just in time to ride the MTV wave. So they had good timing as well as excellent musicianship, great art direction and branding and they didn’t sound like anybody else.  Therefore Blaze’s rule for Rock and Roll success was well and truly proofed with The Cars. Ric also produced some fine albums by Romeo Void, Weezer, Guided By Voices and Bad Brains.


Ric married an 80s supermodel too. I know I may sound cynical but I don’t think he saw that coming as a tall skinny drink of water in Ohio.

So another rocker from the golden age is gone and you know what? I had no idea how to pronounce his name until his death made the news today.

Bit average on my behalf so let me say now, Ric O- cas- ek, loved your work and thanks for coming.


My favourite Cars Songs


My Best Friends Girl – FFS! it has handclaps for starters. All time classic

Bye Bye Love – got heartbroken and listened to this song A LOT

It’s All I Can Do – Great lyrics maybe the best song to play if someone says, “What did The Cars sound like?”

Got A Lot on my Head – Still punchy and spiky

Drive - Like Cheap Trick, The Cars got lusher as they got older. Nice

The Lemmings

The Lemmings

La La Land

La La Land